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Daf LaKorei

Shabbos Tzav

Shabbat Hagadol




10 Nisan - 16 Nisan  5780

April 4, 2020 - April 10, 2020 




It is arrogance to demand that everything always be the way you wish.


     Our verse can be read: "This" is the principle of the arrogant person, the one who looks at himself as an exalted person (haolah). He constantly demands "this." He always wants things to be done his way without taking the needs of others into consideration.

      An arrogant person always wants to have everything his own way. His thoughts are focused only on what he wants. He is totally inconsiderate of others. This trait causes much strife in interpersonal relationships. If two people in a relationship both demand that things must be their way, they will quarrel all the time. If such a person finds someone who is submissive to him, he will get his way but at the heavy price of causing another human being pain and anguish.

     We are a half a week away from Pesach. God has humbled all of us through the bitter disease of Corona. We all realize that without him we can't survive. Being humble is very much the theme of Pesach. The Torah places such stringencies upon Chametz. So much so that one is obligated to get rid of even little crumbs. If one such crumb falls into a pot of Kosher L’pesach food during Pesach it renders the entire pot of food, Chametz. That is not true regarding a little piece of Traif food. If you have a pot of kosher food that a morsel of ham fell into a pot that contains sixty times the amount of ham you may remove that little piece of ham and enjoy the food.

     Why are we placing such restrictions when it comes to Pesach? Among the many reasons given you also have the idea of Chametz representing haughtiness and arrogance. Chametz ferments and becomes bloated much like one who is arrogant. On the other hand Matzah remains thin and humble. We don’t want even a tiny crumb of Chametz which represents arrogance to creep into our pure humble Matzah.


Have a good Shabbos from Rabbi & Reb. Yisroel & Raizee Perelson and Family












We are sad to announce the passing of Yossi (Yosef Yitzchak) Grossman A”H, father of Menachem Grossman. We are also sad to announce the passing of Tzvi Dov Itzkowitz A”H father of Gitty Grossman. Due to the CDC guidelines Menachem and Gitty will only be taking phone calls.  Menachem can be reached at 347-234-3901 and Gitty can be reached at 718-490-7891.


We are sad to announce the passing of our dear member and friend, Irving Borenstein.  Irving Borenstein was husband to our dear member and friend, Miriam Borenstein and surviving children Hindy of East Brunswick, NJ and Avi of Springfiel, NJ.  Irving had four beautiful grandchildren and seven beautiful great grandchildren.  Flatbush Park Jewish Center was Irving’s first love for Jewish Communial Work and moved to Mill Basin in 1959.  Irving had the best sense of humor and always saw the good in people and situations.  Irving was a founding member of FPJC as well as President and Board Chairman of FPJC.  He will be missed by everyone. Please Do Not Call Miriam.  Due to the CDC guidelines Avi will only be taking phone calls and can be reached at 201-404-5519.







Refuah Sheleima:

Shlomo Ben Naiomi Leib ben Toiba Magdolena Szigeti, Michael Weisblatt, Meir Kadosh, Zita Yakubovich, Samuel Richmond, Bella Nortman, Sharolta Gollender, Melissa Nosomowitz, Eugene Galpert, Judith Jackier, Lisa Weiselberg, Ann Bieber, Louis Gross, Lawrence & Carol Kaufman, Louis Kirsch, Florence Birnbaum, Binyamin Joyce, Marlene Nussbaum, Sol Glickstein, Zelig & Miriam Kindler, Breindy Teitelbaum, Avraham Daniel ben Devorah Tova, PP Charles R. Harary, Rose Bronheim, Tzilia Adamsky, Alex ben Leah, Helene Galletta, Gitel bat Sarah, Esther bat Janja, Anne Chesler, Nissim ben Tamar, Irina bat Bayla, Erica bat Tila Elka, Tzipora bat Rajzi, Malka Shoshana bat Batya Nechama, Rochale Batya bat Chana Masha, Ronie ben Tzipora, Rivfka Deborah bat Gitel, Adam Meister, Pesach ben Bayla, Sima Rochel bat Yehudit, Benjamina Bat Necha, Efrat bas Shoshana, Shmuel Meltser ben Raizel,  Irving and Miriam Borenstein, Menachem Mendel ben Rivkawolf, Shaya Eisen, Rachel Dvorah bat Tova, Miryam bat Shoshana, Elchanan Shlomo ben Golda, Eugeny Roth, Harvey Hecker.



As A Precaution We Are Canceling Our Upcoming Kiddushim Until Further Notice

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     Mr. & Mrs. Ronald  &  Secretary Paulette Lichtman in memory of                Paulette’s beloved father, Elias Stahl Eliyahu ben R'Shmuel A"H.



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Mrs. Shirley Swiss in memory of Shirley’s beloved father, Mac Wechsler A”H.



Nedivei Yom:

Mrs. Edith Spiegel in memory of Edith’s beloved father,  Philip Gross A”H, Mr. Philip Berger in memory of Philip’s beloved mother, Rose Berger A”H, Mr. Max Berwish  in memory of Max’s beloved father, Nathan Berwish A”H.


















 PESACH - begins with  Ma-os Chittin (Matzo Fund) contributions made out to the Torah Fund which will, in turn, respond to the many requests from Israel and from individuals in need in New York City. Our response will help them buy the necessities for their own Pesach observance.

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Sun, April 5 2020 11 Nisan 5780