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Daf LaKorei

Shabbos Emor




May 18th 2019- May 24th, 2019 13 Iyar - 19 Iyar , 5779


Make peace between people, but do not be negatively influenced.


     The Chozeh of Lublin explained this verse, told to Moshe, should be worthy of being the descendants of Aharon. That is, just as Aharon had this distinction of loving and pursuing peace, so too, they also should work on acquiring this trait. Therefore the latter part of this verse warns them that even though they should try to make peace between people whenever they can, they must be very careful not to defile themselves in the process. At times they might come into contact with very contentious and intemperate people and they should not become too close to them lest they become negatively influenced by their faults.

     Peace is a blessing that encompasses all blessings. A person who has peace (in his life) at home, at his work place, and among his acquaintances, is a vessel that is equipped to allow other blessings to dwell in side of him. In the silent prayer of Shamoneh Esrei the Barcha of Shalom Peace is purposely saved for last. It cautions us of the reality that a person can acquire everything in life but if he or she does not possess the element of peace the objective of quietude and tranquility will not be realized.

     Inner peace is also essential in Judaism. We are all aware of the fact that when Yakov lost Yosef the divine presents left Yakov. That was attributed to Yakov’s inability to be consoled. He did not have the peace of mind required to invite the omnipotent back into his life. He lost that blessing and as a result suffered greatly for a span of 22 years. People must work on their inner peace as well. At times that can be very challenging however, if we want Hashem to be with us all the time even in hard times we must do everything our power to attain peace of mind.

     May Hashem give us the Bracha of having peace of mind, peace amongst our family members, and peace with our friends.

Wishing everyone a Shabbot Shalom From the Perelson Mishpacha





Mazal Tov:

Mr. & Mrs. Boris & Esther Drukker on the Bar Mitzvah of their son, Peter Marcus Drukker.  Mazal Tov to the proud grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. Sergey & Magda Halpert & Mr. & Mrs. Yuri & Marina Drukker.

On todays special occasion The Drukker Family wants to keep in mind and honor the loving memory of Yelena Drukker A”H, mother of Boris Drukker and Irene Halpert A”H, mother of Esther Drukker.  They are never forgotten and forever in our hearts.  May their neshamas have an aliyah in zechus of their grandsons Bar Mitzvah.


Refuah Sheleima:

 Leib ben Toiba Magdolena Szigeti, Michael Weisblatt, Meir Kadosh, Louise   Nissenbaum,  Zita Yakubovich, Samuel Richmond, Bella Nortman,   Sharolta Gollender, Melissa Nosomowitz, Eugene Galpert, Nissim Yedin, Judith  Jackier, Lisa Weiselberg, Ann Bieber, Louis Gross, Lawrence & Carol Kaufman,   Louis Kirsch, Florence Birnbaum, Binyamin Joyce, Marlene Nussbaum, Sol Glickstein, Zelig & Miriam Kindler, Breindy Teitelbaum, Avraham Daniel ben Devorah Tova, Luba bas Faiga (mother of Mr. Alex Zinger), PP Charles R. Harary,Rose Bronheim, Brenda Iosefson,  Tzilia Adamsky, Alex ben Leah, Helene Galletta,  Gitel bat Sarah, Esther bat Janja, Ann Chesler, Nissim ben Tamar, Irina bat Bayla,Erica bat Tila Elka, Tzipora bat Rajzi, Malka Shoshana bat Batya Nechama, Rochale Batya bat Chana Masha, Ronie ben Tzipora, Rivfka Deborah bat Gitel, Adam Meister, Yenti bas Chaya, Pesach ben Bayla, Sima Rochel bat Yehudit,    Benjamina Bat Necha, Efrat bas Shoshana, Shmuel Meltser ben Raizel, Eddie Gross,     Chana Frida bat Yehudit, Sala Sultanik, Anne Chesler



Hashkama Kiddush:Dr.  & Mrs. Mark & Jill Vogel in memory of Mark’s beloved father, Kenneth Vogel A”H.

KiddushMr. & Mrs. Boris & Esther Drukker on the Bar Mitzvah of their son, Peter Marcus Drukker.

Seudah Shlishit: By the Congregates of FPJC.

 Nedivei  Yom: Mrs. Phyllis Pellman in memory of Phyllis’ beloved grandfather, Israel Dessau A”H, Mrs. Izabella Leiby in memory of Izabella’s beloved father, Peter Boym A”H, Mr. Howard Paskowitz in memory of Howard’s beloved mother, Fay Paskowitz A”H, Dr. Alla Shtaif in memory of Alla’s beloved husband, Dr. Yakov Shtaif A”H, Mrs. Luba Avrutin in memory of Luba’s beloved uncle, Samyon Gravs A”H, Mrs. Esther Redlitz in memory of Esther’s beloved husband, Murray Redlitz A”H, Mrs. Francine Horwitz in memory of Francine’s beloved father-in-law, Julius Yonah Horwitz A”H, Mrs. Renee Goldenkranz in memory of Renee’s beloved mother, Sophie Sternberg A”H, Mr. Martin Izsak in memory of Martin’s beloved brother, Joseph Izsak A”H, Mr. Carl Weiss in memory of Carl’s beloved wife, Karen Weiss A”H, Mrs. Geri Jacobs in memory of Geri’s beloved aunt, Helen Balsam Feinberg A”H, Mrs. Sandra Frost in memory of Sandra’s beloved mother, Anna Koenigsberg A”H, Mrs. Gayle Blumenthal in memory of Gayle's beloved father David Laks A"H.








MAY 11th







Our Annual All-Night Torathon Saturday June 9th at 11:59 PM

SPEAKERS: Rabbi Yisroel Perelson

 Sunday morning Shacharit 5:00 am & 9:00 am, Mincha 8:15 pm Maariv  followed by Mincha

Monday Morning 9:00AM, Book of Ruth, Yizkor 10:15AM

Mincha 8:15PM followed by Maariv   9:16PM

Kiddush: Sunday & Monday- After Musaf, in the Kafka Auditorium


Sunday afternoon: 5:00PM- LADIES TEHILLIM GROUP and BRACHOS PARTY with Reb. Raizee Perelson

                                 5:00PM-CHILDREN’S PARTY with Ratzon Gholian.

Delicious & Varied Refreshments-KAFKA AUDITORIUM.  COME drop off your children and enjoy your BRACHAS PARTY





SEUDAT SHLISHIT: June 1st at 8:00 pm

Guest Speaker: To BE ANNOUNCED.






Please join FPJC for a fun day at the Israeli Day Parade.

 We will be meeting at 11AM on the corner of 5th Ave. and E. 57th St.




Flatbush Park Hebrew School Program

Announcing the beginning of a new Hebrew School Program teaching:

Jewish Traditions, Jewish Holidays, Mitzvot and Jewish Values, Jewish Songs, Hebrew Alphabet and Reading

Sundays From 9:30 AM - 100:00 AM

Ages 7 and up: Classes begin on 01/06/19

Ages 3-4 and 5-6: Classes begin on 01/20/19



Flatbush Park Day Camp

Join Us for a SUNsational Summer!

Don't miss out on the opportunity for your child

to have a SUNsational Summer!

Our offices are open Tuesday Evenings 7:00 - 8:30 pm

Sunday Mornings 9:30 am - 12:30 pm

Please call:  718.444.6868 for more info


If anyone is seeking a babysitter for Evening and Weekends please contact Paula Vays 347-500-9444        


Flatbush Park Jewish Center is looking for a sponsor for the Siyum for the first born.









  • Every morning, 8am, after Shachrit - Halacha Yomit w/R. Perelson
  • Every evening between Mincha & Mariv -  w/R. Perelson
  • Thursday evenings 8:30-9:30pm - Talmud Class w/R. Perelson
  • Monday through Friday, 9-10am - Shiur w/R. Perelson, including full breakfast of bagels & lox, cereal, coffee.
  • Monday night 8-9:15pm - Partners in Torah for Men & Women
  • Tuesday 10-11:15am - Womens Shiur w/R. Judith Zwick
  • Shabbos schedule includes "On The  Main Drasha @ 10:45, Men & Women's Talmud study @ 3;45 and a D'var Torah at Seudah Shlishit

Bikur Cholim: Looking for volunteers to  visit people who are homebound, and drive those who would like to come to morning and evening Minyan.

Please contact Helen Birnbaum @ 718.253.2690.
Your Chesed will benefit you for eternity. 
If you know of anyone in need of Bikur Cholim help, please notify the FPJC office at 718-444-6868.

Anyone who would like to HOST a Torah event in memory of a Parent, please contact Rabbi Yisroel Perelson at 718.444.6868 or Email -

 THE  LEVAYAH  PROGRAM, sponsored by the Orthodox Union (OU), is designed to be of major financial assistance to Jewish families in the event of family loss and the funeral arrangements with our local chapels. All individual family members of the OU are entitled to significant cost savings at those difficult times. You must, however, be an OU member, cost $54 per year. Now is the time to make that call, before the need, Rachmana Litzlan, arises. Call 212.563.4000. May all your calls be for Simchos.

Sun, May 19 2019 14 Iyyar 5779