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Daf LaKorei

Shabbos Yisro




20 Shevat - 26 Shevat  5780

February 15, 2020 - February 21, 2020 




The love a parent has for his or her children will make them more loving towards others.


         The Midrash says, “Moshe demanded that the people come to him”. As a result Moshe had to walk to the burning bush to come closer to Hashem. The prophet Shmuel, on the other hand, went to the people, and therefore he merited that the Hashem came to him.

     Rabbi Chaim Shmuelevitz always used to comment that this is meant to teach us an important lesson in our lives. One's closeness to the Almighty is dependent on one's love for other people. Shmuel's going to the people showed that he had great love and concern for them and therefore the Almighty rewarded him by coming to him. Where did Shmuel get this great love for other people? The Midrash says, “The garment his mother made for him was with him his entire life”.

     This garment, said Rav Chaim, “was made with the profound love his mother had for him”. This love became such a part of Shmuel that it was manifested in his entire way of dealing with other people.

     This is a practical lesson for parents, especially for mothers, Rabbi Shmuelevitz would always point out. The love a mother shows for her infants and young children by getting up in the middle of the night to take care of them implants in them a deep feeling of being loved. When such a child grows older, he will have love for others. Any small thing parents do with love for their children will pay great dividends. The greater the child becomes the more people will benefit from that love.

     As king Soloman says “Love is a tool that is able to iron out most problems”. Love is the glue that helps both husband and wife or children and parents stick it out when times are tough. When we shower our child with love we don’t know how many lives it will affect down the road.

When our children grow up and their spouses have an easy time getting along with them, it’s a result of your efforts. Bringing up a real Mench is not easy but it is worthwhile investment.


Wishing everyone a wonderful Shabbot Shalom from Rabbi and Rebbetzin Raizee Perelson and Mishpacha.













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