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Daf LaKorei

Shabbos Balak





July 20th 2019- July 26th, 2019 17 Tamuz- 23 Tamuz , 5779






     The Talmud (Makos 10b) takes note that previously in verse twelve the Almighty told Bilaam not to go with Balak's messengers who requested that he accompany them to curse the Jewish people. From here the Talmud deduces the principle, "In the way a man wishes to go, he is led."

If a person wants to do evil, he will be able to do so. But that individual will have to pay a heavy price for for the culmination and, by extension, the nefarious acts for which this person pines. Conversely, someone who wishes to study Torah and fulfill the Almighty's commandments will be successful. When you wish to traverse along a certain path in life, you will be divinely assisted.

     "Nothing stands in the way of a strong will." There are many things that we wish for half-heartedly, but when you strongly set your mind on a particular goal, you will have the strength and abilities necessary to effectuate that goal. What a person truly wants in life, he will usually obtain. (Alai Shur, pp.120-1)

     Rabbi Avigdor Miller comments (Rejoice O Youth, p.l) that the Almighty guides the person who seeks wisdom, and the amount of guidance is commensurate to the perseverance of the seeker.

     When you feel a strong need for something, you will not feel the perplexities which you encounter even though you might have to work laboriously to accomplish your goals. When you are not intensively motivated to do something, you will procrastinate, which, in turn, will seem to be interminable.  Additionally, the quality of the undertaking will be severely compromised.

     It is squarely on the shoulders of the individual to steadfastly and unwaveringly have a sense of self do good.  It is up to you to intensify your will to do good.  The stronger your resolve, the more you will actually accomplish. Lack of spiritual accomplishment does not come from lack of ability, but from lack of will. Work on developing a strong desire for spiritual growth and you will be amazed at the positive changes you will experience.

Rabbi Ben Tzion Yadler used to quote the Alter of Nevardok, “There is no such thing as 'I cannot.' What happens is that a person is missing the will and then he claims that he can’t”.

Wishing everyone a Shabbot Shalom Rabbi and Reb. Perelson.







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Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Susan Izsak in memory of Susan’s beloved grandmother, Hendel Goldenberg A”H, Ms. Eva Rosenstein in memory of Eva’s beloved mother, Bassie Rosenstein A”H, Mr. & Mrs. Larry & Ronnie Birnbaum in memory of Ronnie’s beloved father, Irving Tanzer A”H, Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Edith Spiegel in memory of Michael’s beloved mother, Pearl Spiegel A”H.


Nedivei Yom:

Mrs. Susan Izsak in memory of Susan’s beloved grandmother, Hendel Goldenberg A”H, Mr. Lester Rutner in memory of Lester’s beloved father, David Rutner A”H, Mr. Ralph Goldfarb in memory of Ralph’s beloved father, Ben Goldfarb A”H, Mrs. Ronnie Birnbaum in memory of Ronnie’s beloved father, Irving Tanzer A”H, Mr. Michael Spiegel in memory of Michael’s beloved mother, Pearl Spiegel A”H, Mrs. Sharyn Nadine Goldstein in memory of Sharyn’s beloved grandmother, Bella Shear A”H , Ms. Risa Levine in memory of Risa’s beloved grandfather, Morris Smith A”H, Mr. Carl Weiss in memory of Carl’s beloved mother, Hannah Weiss A”H.




17th Day of Tammuz

Fast begins at 4:00 AM and ends 9:09 Pm

Sunday we will be having an early Mincha 8:00 PM



Flatbush Park Jewish Center Wishes Everyone

A Happy And Safe Summer!                 

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Sundays From 9:30 AM - 100:00 AM

Ages 7 and up: Classes begin on 01/06/19

Ages 3-4 and 5-6: Classes begin on 01/20/19



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We Hope All Of Our Campers Are Having 

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Bikur Cholim: Looking for volunteers to  visit people who are homebound, and drive those who would like to come to morning and evening Minyan.

Please contact Helen Birnbaum @ 718.253.2690.
Your Chesed will benefit you for eternity. 
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Sat, July 20 2019 17 Tammuz 5779