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Daf LaKorei

Shabbos Vayeishev

December 1st -  December 7th 2018

Kislev  23 -29 Kislev, 5779



Keep your focus on growth, not serenity.

"AND YAAKOV SAT..." (Braishis 37:1)

     Rashi cites the Sages who say that Yaakov wanted to live in peace and serenity. However this was not to be; and the troubles of his son Yosef began. Hashem said, "Is it not sufficient for the righteous that they receive their reward in the world to come? Why do they need to live in serenity in this world?"

     The question arises: why is it wrong to want to live in serenity? Yaakov desired serenity not so that he could devote his time to personal pleasures, but rather to be able to engage in spiritual pursuits.

     Rabbi Yeruchem Levovitz explained that the purpose of this world is for a person to elevate himself by passing the numerous tests that come to him. The goal is spiritual growth from every life situation. Therefore it was considered improper for Yaakov to place his focus on serenity.

     This, said Rav Yeruchem, is an attitude we should all internalize. Every occurrence in this world can make you a better person. When you have this awareness your attitude towards everything that happens to you in life will be very positive. Before, during, and after every incident that occurs reflect on your behavior and reactions. Ask yourself, "What type of person am I after this happened? How did I do on this test? Did I pass it in an elevated manner?"

     My children did something wrong how did I react? My spouse did not say the right thing, did I get upset and ruin the mood in the home or did I let it slide?  The goal of this world is not living with serenity but to pass each test that Hashem presents us with.

                                               Wishing everyone a Fralach Chanukah and a Shabbat Shalom from the Perelson Mishpacha!







Condolences: We are sad to announce the passing of Sol Tavin A”H beloved husband of Reba Tavin, beloved father of Dr. Ellis Tavin, and R’Yaa’kov Tavin and beloved brother of Jack Tavin. Shiva is being observed at 2449 East 63rd Street Brooklyn NY.  Dr. Tavin will sit shiva in Brooklyn until Friday, and then in his home in Memphis.  R’Yaa’kov will sit shiva in Brooklyn until Motzei Shabbos, and then in his home in Jerusalem. Shiva in Brooklyn will conclude Tuesday morning.




 Hashkama Kiddush

Mr. & Mrs. Martin & Sherrie Vegh in memory of Martin’s beloved grandfather, Menachem Mendel Rezmovich A”H

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Mr. & Mrs. Harvey & Jolynn Hecker in memory of Jolynn’s beloved mother, Ida Bruck A”H. And in honor of their son, Shocky Klar being promoted to Partner in the law firm of Simpson Thacher.

Mr. & Mrs. Alex & JudyYakubovich in memory of Judy’s beloved mother, Serena Weiss A”H.

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Please Help Jacob Vaisman a twelve year old boy in our community battling cancer.  Please visit our Flatbush Park Jewish Center Facebook Page and see the link for Jacobs Go Fund Me.  Donations are greatly appreciated.




​​​​​​Shabbat Chanukah Luncheon
Saturday, December 8th, 30 Kislev Shabbat Miketz

For Reservations please call the Shul office 718-444-6868

          Fee: $30.00 Adults $20.00 Children


Public Candle Lighting &Chanukah Carnival

Fun For the Family – Chanukah Carnival – Erev  Chanukah Sunday December 6th 4:30pm

Moon bounce, Sand Art, Cookie Decorating, Chanukah Balloons, Maccabee Photo booth, Olive Oil Factory

Pizza, French Fries,and Drinks will be sold.

for more information Call 718-444-6868, 718-209-0707, 718-501-7012

Join us for our Sunday Crafts Corner program for boys and girls in the early childhood grades. The children will spend a fun-filled morning doing arts and crafts, baking, CrossFit and music and movement. While our younger children are enjoying Crafts Corner, boys in grades 5 through 8 will be working on their athletic skills in our Sunday Sports Academy.

Sunday Morning Programs run from 10:00 until 12:30.

These are just a few of our fun-filled programs for this school year.

Please contact Kevin at with any inquiries.



Looking For Volunteers To Distribute Chanukah Menorahs And Candles To Anyone With An Electric Menorah In Their Window.  We Will Also Be Taking Their Address And Phone Number So We Can Keep In Touch With Them Throughout The Year.  Please Contact The Shul Office

718-444-6868 To Reserve A Street That You Will Be Distributing The Menorahs On


Flatbush Park Jewish Center Presents Self Defense Course taught by one and only Shihan Raanan Zarko Founder of Zarko Academy on Sunday December 16, 2018 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM Free For All Members



  • Every morning, 8am, after Shachrit - Halacha Yomit w/R. Perelson
  • Every evening between Mincha & Mariv -  w/R. Perelson
  • Thursday evenings 8:30-9:30pm - Talmud Class w/R. Perelson
  • Monday through Friday, 9-10am - Shiur w/R. Perelson, including full breakfast of bagels & lox, cereal, coffee.
  • Monday night 8-9:15pm - Partners in Torah for Men & Women
  • Tuesday 10-11:15am - Womens Shiur w/R. Judith Zwick
  • Shabbos schedule includes "On The  Main Drasha @ 10:45, Men & Women's Talmud study @ 3;45 and a D'var Torah at Seudah Shlishit

Bikur Cholim: Looking for volunteers to  visit people who are homebound, and drive those who would like to come to morning and evening Minyan.

Please contact Helen Birnbaum @ 718.253.2690.
Your Chesed will benefit you for eternity. 
If you know of anyone in need of Bikur Cholim help, please notify the FPJC office at 718-444-6868.

Anyone who would like to HOST a Torah event in memory of a Parent, please contact Rabbi Yisroel Perelson at 718.444.6868 or Email -

 THE  LEVAYAH  PROGRAM, sponsored by the Orthodox Union (OU), is designed to be of major financial assistance to Jewish families in the event of family loss and the funeral arrangements with our local chapels. All individual family members of the OU are entitled to significant cost savings at those difficult times. You must, however, be an OU member, cost $54 per year. Now is the time to make that call, before the need, Rachmana Litzlan, arises. Call 212.563.4000. May all your calls be for Simchos.

Mon, December 10 2018 2 Teves 5779