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Daf LaKorei

Shabbos Noach

October 13th-  October 19th, 2018

Cheshvan  4 -10 Cheshvan, 5779





     Rashi cites two Talmudic opinions (Sanhedrin 108a) regarding the words "in his generation." Some see this as praise of Noach others see this as a negative statement. Noach was considered a Tzadik because all of the other inhabitants of the world at that time were wicked. Others see the words "in his generation" in a negative light.  Only in his   generation was he considered righteous, but if he were living in Avraham's generation, he would not have been considered a great Tzadik.

The Chasam Sofer commented on this, that both opinions are correct. However, the reality would be that if Noach were in Avraham's generation, he would have been influenced positively by Avraham, and Noach would have become much greater than he actually was.    

     This is a fundamental lesson on the importance of being in the presence of elevated people. We are all influenced by our surroundings. When you are close to people who act in an elevated manner, you are automatically influenced in positive ways.

     Anyone with children has to keep this lesson in mind. When selecting an environment   for a child, we must remember that our choice will affect the child forever. He will be affected by his peers, by his teachers and by his surroundings.  The optimal time to ask questions is before we expose our children. Inquiring after a child has been exposed and possibly affected by things that are antithetical to our ideology is a little late. Our children are our greatest gift. We must always have their best interest in mind.

                                                                                                                                                                     Shabbat Shalom!    

Rabbi  & Rebbetzin Yisroel & Raizee Perelson                                                                                                                                                 











 Hashkama KiddushMr.  & Mrs. Jeffrey & Linda Pomerantz on the birth of their beautiful new granddaughter.

  Kiddush Sponsor: President & Sisterhood President Larry & Ronnie Birnbaum in honor of the birth of their beautiful new granddaughter, Ariana Mia, and in honor of Chatan Torah.  Mr. & Mrs. Martin & Maria Wolf in honor of Chatan Breishit.

Seudah Shlishit Sponsor:  Mr. & Mrs. Sergey & Magda Halpert in memory of her beloved father, Izaac Lieberman A”H, Mr. & Mrs. Sergey & Magda Halpert in memory of her beloved mother, Rosa Lieberman A”H



Nedivei  YomMr. Ira Kevelson  in memory of his  beloved  father, Aaron Kevelson A”H,  Mrs, Caren Garbulsky  in memory of her  beloved  mother, Esther David A”H, Mr. Larry Goldstein in memory of his beloved sister, Phyllis Goldstein A”H, Mrs. Rita Gendel in memory of her beloved sister, Phyllis Goldstein A”H, Mrs. Phyllis Pellman in memory of her beloved uncle, Pierre Simon Dessau A”H, Mrs. Jaynee Wall in memory of her beloved mother, Beverly Egolkin A”H, Mrs. Gayle Piltzin in memory of her beloved grandmother, Bessie Piltzin A”H, Mrs. Brenda Piltzin-Iosefson in memory of her beloved grandmother, Bessie Piltzin A”H,  Mr. Ben Schugar in memory of her beloved father, Sidney Schugar A”H, Mrs. Evelyn Sacks in memory of her beloved father, Morris Davidson A”H, Mrs. Linda Luft in memory of her beloved mother, Gloria Kantor A”H, Mrs. Marilyn Bernstein in memory of her beloved mother-in-law, Eva Bernstein A”H, Mr. Edward Schweitzer in memory of his beloved father, Aaron Schweitzer A”H




Save The Date

Israel Bonds New York Region

Flatbush Park Jewish Center

Kingsway Jewish Center

Invite you to a community breakfast

Celebrating Israel’s 70th Anniversary

Sunday, Oct. 21, 9:45 AM

Guest Speaker

Andrew Gross

Director of Political Affairs and Advisor to the Deputy Consul General in NY

Couvert $10.00 (payable to Flatbush Park Jewish Center)

$100 Breakfast Sponsorship available (includes two reservations)

at Flatbush Park Jewish Center

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Join us for our Sunday Crafts Corner program for boys and girls in the early childhood grades. The children will spend a fun-filled morning doing arts and crafts, baking, CrossFit and music and movement. While our younger children are enjoying Crafts Corner, boys in grades 5 through 8 will be working on their athletic skills in our Sunday Sports Academy.

Sunday Morning Programs run from 10:00 until 12:30.

These are just a few of our fun-filled programs for this school year.

Please contact Kevin at with any inquiries.



Sisterhood Annual Celebration of National Jewish Book Month

Wednesday, November 11th @ 6:30 pm there will be a Book Review and Supperette

 Fee: $28.00 for Supperette.

The book is: “Sweet and Low” by Rich Cohen,

Will be reviewed by Miriam Steinberg, Past President.

Reservations for the Supperette are a Must!

Book Review at 8:00 pm – All Welcome!  For more information please call: FPJC Office @ 718.444.6868 or Miriam Steinberg @ 917.699.4759





  • Every morning, 8am, after Shachrit - Halacha Yomit w/R. Perelson
  • Every evening between Mincha & Mariv -  w/R. Perelson
  • Thursday evenings 8:30-9:30pm - Talmud Class w/R. Perelson
  • Monday through Friday, 9-10am - Shiur w/R. Perelson, including full breakfast of bagels & lox, cereal, coffee.
  • Monday night 8-9:15pm - Partners in Torah for Men & Women
  • Tuesday 10-11:15am - Womens Shiur w/R. Judith Zwick
  • Shabbos schedule includes "On The  Main Drasha @ 10:45, Men & Women's Talmud study @ 3;45 and a D'var Torah at Seudah Shlishit

Bikur Cholim: Looking for volunteers to  visit people who are homebound, and drive those who would like to come to morning and evening Minyan.

Please contact Helen Birnbaum @ 718.253.2690.
Your Chesed will benefit you for eternity. 
If you know of anyone in need of Bikur Cholim help, please notify the FPJC office at 718-444-6868.

Anyone who would like to HOST a Torah event in memory of a Parent, please contact Rabbi Yisroel Perelson at 718.444.6868 or Email -

 THE  LEVAYAH  PROGRAM, sponsored by the Orthodox Union (OU), is designed to be of major financial assistance to Jewish families in the event of family loss and the funeral arrangements with our local chapels. All individual family members of the OU are entitled to significant cost savings at those difficult times. You must, however, be an OU member, cost $54 per year. Now is the time to make that call, before the need, Rachmana Litzlan, arises. Call 212.563.4000. May all your calls be for Simchos.

Tue, October 16 2018 7 Cheshvan 5779