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Daf LaKorei

Shabbos Bo

January 12th 2018 - January 18th 2019

 6 Shevat - 12 Shevat, 5779




  A faultfinder will try to find something wrong in every situation and this causes much      harm.


     Rashi comments that the Almighty actually told Moshe that exactly at midnight He would cause the plague of the death of the firstborn. Nevertheless, when Moshe repeated this to the Egyptians, he said "around midnight." Since mortals can easily make an error, if Moshe would have said "at midnight" and the plague took place a moment before or after midnight they would have said that Moshe was a liar.

   This is amazing. They had already suffered nine plagues after Moshe's warnings. In this last plague only the firstborn would die. What is the difference if the plague of the first born happened exactly at midnight or a few minutes before or after? We see here the power of a person to find fault with someone else if he seeks to find fault. Moshe was absolutely correct in predicting the nature of this most bizarre and destructive plague. The odds against this being by chance were staggering. He was also very close to the right time even according to the Egyptians. Moreover, they should have realized that perhaps they were the ones making the mistake and not Moshe. Nevertheless, since they wanted to find fault with what Moshe said, they would have considered this minor discrepancy a total lie and would have claimed that Moshe was a liar.    

   There are people who take pleasure in finding fault with others. They are experts at finding inconsistencies in what people say and do. It is almost impossible to meet their standards. Just as the Egyptians were able to call Moshe a liar - an extreme term - for what they considered to be a mistake, so too faultfinders use strong language to condemn and belittle their victims. They do this either because they are perfectionists or as a means of gaining power. Living with such a person can cause suffering especially for someone who is very sensitive. Such a person must learn to find the good in what others do. Even if he is not able to master that wonderful trait, he still needs to develop a sense of proportion. If a person does something which is basically right and proper, acknowledge this even if you do point out the errors that still remain. Realize there is always the possibility that you are making a mistake. Then you will be much gentler when you correct others. Because of the harm caused by this negative tendency, it is crucial to work on overcoming it.

  Learn to compliment others and you will lead a friendlier and happier life.

 Wishing everyone a wonderful Shabbot Shalom from Rabbi Perelson.                                                  








Mazal Tov: 

Mazal Tov:  Mazal Tov to Mr. & Mrs. Mikhail & Faina Shtaynberg on the upcoming Bar Mitzvah of their great nephew, Dov ben Shya.  Mazal Tov to the proud parents Mr. & Mrs. Norbert and Jane Shtaynberg.

Thank YouLarry Birnbaum for all your hard work and dedication in serving     as President of our Shul for the past two years.  You have really made a             difference and your hard work is very much appreciated!

 Mazal Tov:  Mendy Kupfer on your new position as President of FPJC.  May Hashem   guide you to always make the right decisions for our shul!

  Happy Birthday: Wishing a very Happy Birthday to Jack Hershkovich and                  Simone Izsak!



Refuah Sheleima:

   Leib ben Toiba Magdolena Szigeti, Michael Weisblatt, Meir Kadosh, Louise     Nissenbaum, Irene Jacobs, Zita Yakubovich, Samuel Richmond, Bella Nortman,               Sharolta Gollender, Melissa Nosomowitz, Eugene Galpert, Nissim Yedin, Judith                 Jackier, Lisa Weiselberg, Ann Bieber, Louis Gross, Lawrence & Carol Kaufman,                 Louis Kirsch, Florence Birnbaum, Binyamin Joyce, Marlene Nussbaum,                             Sol Glickstein, Zelig & Miriam Kindler, Breindy Teitelbaum, Avraham Daniel ben                 Devorah Tova, Luba bas Faiga (mother of Mr. Alex Zinger), PP Charles R. Harary,             Rose Bronheim, Brenda Iosefson,  Tzilia Adamsky, Alex ben Leah, Helene Galletta,         Gitel bat Sarah, Esther bat Janja, Ann Chesler, Nissim ben Tamar, Irina bat Bayla,             Erica bat Tila Elka, Tzipora bat Rajzi, Malka Shoshana bat Batya Nechama,                      Rochale Batya bat Chana Masha, Ronie ben Tzipora, Rivfka Deborah bat Gitel,               Adam Meister, Yenti bas Chaya, Pesach ben Bayla, Sima Rochel bat Yehudit,                   Benjamina Bat Necha, Efrat bas Shoshana, Shmuel Meltser ben Raizel, Eddie Gross,       Chana Frida bat Yehudit




 Hashkama Kiddush Sponsor

  Mr. & Mrs. Alan & Pearl Skurnik in memory of Alan’s beloved brother, Michael Skurnik       A”H.

    Kiddush Sponsor:

     Dr. & Dr. Tibor & Galina Gershkovich in memory of Tibor’s beloved father, Maylokh               Gershkovich A”H.  Mr. & Mrs. Larry & Ronnie Birnbaum in memory of Larry’s beloved         father, Sidney Birnbaum A”H.  Mr. & Mrs. Victor & Samantha Cohen in memory of                 Samantha’s beloved father, Joseph Jellinek A”H. Dr. & Mrs. Herman & Susanna                   Lebovitch in honor of the upcoming Bar Mitzvah of their great nephew Dov ben Shya.

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    Ms. Ann Yehuda & Mrs. Sara Levy in memory of their beloved mother, Helen Krupenia          A”H.  Mr. & Mrs. Larry & Ronnie Birnbaum in memory of Larry’s beloved father, Sidney          Birnbaum A”H.  Mrs. Florence Birnabum in memory of Florence’s beloved husband,              Sidney Birnbaum A”H.  Mr. & Mrs. Sol & Candance Velelis in memory of Sol’s beloved            brother, Joseph Velelis A”H 

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   Mr. Isaac Gafter in memory of Isaac’s beloved father, Lipa Gafter A”H, Mrs. Dorothy             Fishman  in memory of Dorothy’s beloved husband, Dr. Sanuel Fishman A”H, Mrs.                 Helene Klenofsky in memory of Helene’s beloved mother, Barbara Katz A”H, Mrs. Fern         Epstein in memory of Fern’s beloved mother, Tamara Epstein A”H, Mrs. Rachelle Drate        in memory of Rachelle’s beloved father, George Gold A”H, Mr. & Mrs. Martin and                     Sherrie Vegh in memory of their beloved daughter, Randi Vegh A”H, Reb. Raizee                     Perelson in memory of Raizee’s beloved father, Steve Fine A”H, Mr. David Akselrad in           memory of his beloved mother, Rachel Akselrad A”H, Mrs. Natalie Kutner in memory of       Natalie’s beloved mother, Shirley Miller A”H 






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Flatbush Park Hebrew School Program

Announcing the beginning of a new Hebrew School Program teaching:

Jewish Traditions, Jewish Holidays, Mitzvot and Jewish Values, Jewish Songs, Hebrew Alphabet and Reading

Sundays From 9:30 AM - 100:00 AM

Ages 7 and up: Classes begin on 01/06/19

Ages 3-4 and 5-6: Classes begin on 01/20/19

Fee: $10.00 per class


If anyone is seeking a babysitter for Evening and Weekends please contact Paula Vays 347-500-9444        





  • Every morning, 8am, after Shachrit - Halacha Yomit w/R. Perelson
  • Every evening between Mincha & Mariv -  w/R. Perelson
  • Thursday evenings 8:30-9:30pm - Talmud Class w/R. Perelson
  • Monday through Friday, 9-10am - Shiur w/R. Perelson, including full breakfast of bagels & lox, cereal, coffee.
  • Monday night 8-9:15pm - Partners in Torah for Men & Women
  • Tuesday 10-11:15am - Womens Shiur w/R. Judith Zwick
  • Shabbos schedule includes "On The  Main Drasha @ 10:45, Men & Women's Talmud study @ 3;45 and a D'var Torah at Seudah Shlishit

Bikur Cholim: Looking for volunteers to  visit people who are homebound, and drive those who would like to come to morning and evening Minyan.

Please contact Helen Birnbaum @ 718.253.2690.
Your Chesed will benefit you for eternity. 
If you know of anyone in need of Bikur Cholim help, please notify the FPJC office at 718-444-6868.

Anyone who would like to HOST a Torah event in memory of a Parent, please contact Rabbi Yisroel Perelson at 718.444.6868 or Email -

 THE  LEVAYAH  PROGRAM, sponsored by the Orthodox Union (OU), is designed to be of major financial assistance to Jewish families in the event of family loss and the funeral arrangements with our local chapels. All individual family members of the OU are entitled to significant cost savings at those difficult times. You must, however, be an OU member, cost $54 per year. Now is the time to make that call, before the need, Rachmana Litzlan, arises. Call 212.563.4000. May all your calls be for Simchos.

Wed, January 16 2019 10 Shevat 5779