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8/24/2012 The Brooklyn Daily (part of interest is copied below)

"Mill Basin

There’s a new kid in town

Welcome to Rabbi Yisroel Perelson, who has taken the reins from Rabbi Halpern at the Flatbush Park Jewish Center. Standing O pal Rabbi Yisroel is fully aware of what his congregation needs, telling Standing O, “I know and very much care about who our congregation is. I can emphatically say that more than anything I want to see our shul continue to grow and be strong and vibrant.” Standing O wants to see the shul grow, too. Rabbi Yisroel was thrilled with the welcome he and his wife received. “I want to thank the congregation for being so supportive. It was very special to receive all the calls and good wishes on our arrival,” he said.

“I want this congregation to succeed in being of one heart, caring, and considerate of each other’s needs,” he said, closing with. “We are together at good times and we are one in difficult times.”

Standing O is happy to share in the love."

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