Daf LaKorei

SHABBAT Parshat Terumah

February 17th 2018 - February 23rd, 2018

2nd Adar - 8th of Adar, 5778


Even when serving the Almighty remember to do acts of kindness for people.


END [of the tabernacle] TO THE OTHER." (Shmos 26:28)

Targum Yonoson states that the center crossbar was made with wood that came from the trees that Avraham planted. Rabbi Mordechai Mann of Bnai Brak commented on this that these trees were planted by Avraham for the

purpose of doing kindness for travelers.  The center crossbar was placed right in the middle of the tabernacle to remind us that even when we are devoting ourselves to serving the Almighty we should never forget to have compassion for our fellow men whom are created in the image of the Almighty.

A government official who wished to visit Rabbi Akiva Eger sent a letter asking when he had some free time. "I have no free time," replied Rabbi Eger, "but I always try to be courteous to my visitors."

Once on Erev Yom Kippur Rabbi Zorach Braverman, the Rebbe of Rabbi Ben Tzion Yadler, heard that a certain Torah scholar needed financial assistance to take care of his health. Just a few hours before Yom Kippur Rav Zorach went to the homes of a number of potential donors to ask them for donations. One of them said to him, "There is a mitzvah to

eat today. Why then are you engaged in other matters?"

Rabbi Braverman replied, "Fasting on Yom Kippur itself is pushed aside if it is necessary to save someone's life. All the more so this principle applies to eating and drinking on Erev Yom Kippur."

Often, unintentionally, the blinders are on when trying to perform a Mitzvah. We are so eager and motivated to do the righteous act that we don’t bother to see who is being slighted or stepped on during the execution of that Mitzvah. Our duty is to make sure that Mitzvot do not come on the account of others, but rather work along side others. A prime example of this notion is, Mitzvot on the account of our family or spouse. If you want to do a Mitzvah and it’s coming on the account of your wife’s time or your husband’s time, we need their specified permit ion.

Next time we are excited about a Mitzvah let’s take into account people around us before doing the Mitzvah.

                                                                  Wishing everyone a Shabbat Shalom                                                               Rabbi and Rebitzin Yisroel & Raizee Perelson


We are sad to announce the passing of our beloved longtime member, Sydelle Gidon A”H mother of Ira Gidon and Barbara Merrill.  The levayah will be at Sherman’s Flatbush Memorial Chapel 1283 Coney Island Avenue on Sunday February 18th at 1:30pm.  Shiva will be at 2066 East 58th Street Brooklyn, NY 11234.  Shacharit Monday morning at 8:00am and Mincha/Mariv at 5:15pm.



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Thu, February 22 2018 7 Adar 5778