Daf LaKorei


January 10th - 16th, 2015

19th Tevet - 25th of Tevet, 5775



PP Larry & Sist. Pres. Ronnie Birnbaum upon the great Simcha of their Great Nephew’s Bar Mitzvah and Great Niece’s Bat Mitzvah in Eretz Israel.

PP Abe & Mrs. Eileen Levy upon their granddaughters’ marriages. Shira to Shai Shauli residing in Israel. Congratulations to the proud parents Mr. & Mrs. Yaakov & Karen Charlap. Nicole Rachel to Avrum Chaim Klagsbrun. The proud parents are Mr. & Mrs. Calmon & Rebecca Moskovitz.   
Mr. & Mrs. Amir & Jenny Shamir upon the birth of their daughter Sarah Feiga. 



PP Larry & Sist. Pres. Ronnie Birnbaum


We are sorry to announce the sad passing of: Hilda Neihaus, A”H, mother of Alan Neihaus. Shiva will take place at the Neihaus home



Fanny & Zelig Podolsky, Helena Gold, Harriet Weisblatt, Jacqueline Bryks, Judyt Lachman, Dorit Chassid, Andrew Levy, Louise Nissenbaum, Irene Jacobs, Sally Fliegelman, Moshe Sorani, Jack Ratz, Rose Bronheim, Rachel Akselrad, Rose Weissman,  Dina bat Shaindel, Chaim Yisroel, Joseph Feit, Gabriella Orbach,  Zita Yakubovich, Samuel Richmond, Shimon & Leah Roth, Miriam Roth, Bella Nortman, Sharolta Gollender, Melissa Nosomowitz, Lisa Weiselberg, Blanca Izsak, Brenda Iosefson, Miriam Szigeti, PP Martin Kurlander, Louis Kirsch, Batyah Rison, Eugene Galpert, Dr. Nathan Bryks, Bernard Sipelstein, PP Irving & Miriam Borenstein, Fred Fliegelman, Nissim Yedin, Judith Jackier, Eilite bas Miryam.


Hashkamah Kiddush Sponsors

Mestel Midrash (9:25am) Minyan Kiddush Sponsors:

Brian Marcus in memory of beloved father, Falak ben Yitzchak Marcus, A”H

Kiddush Sponsors

Mr. Henry Yigdal and Ms. Ruth Yigdal in memory of their beloved father Julius Yigdal, A”H. 

Mr. & Mrs. Elliot & Chana Pulvermacher in memory of Chana’s beloved father Abram Lachman, A”H.

invite the congregation to Kiddush in the Kafka Auditorium. 
Seudah Shlishit SponsorsRose Mlawski, Dr. Josef Hertz, Henry Yigdal, Ruth Yigdal.

Nedivei Yom: Barbara Guttman, Chana Stern, Henry Yigdal, Ruth Yigdal, Sara Levy, Ann Yehuda, Tatiana Sedaghati, Marta Kleinman, Harriet Lewis, Bernard Grotell, Stanley Schelsinger, Mariya Kuchik, Henry Yigdal, Ruth Yigdal, Aaron Goldstein, Lillie Epner



Join Ron Goldman in Flatbush Park’s first Literary Circle and share views with the classics of literature such as “The Scarlet Letter” 
See Ron Goldman, klezmeract1@aol.com) Professor of English at Touro College and University System, for details.

The next discussion date will be

Wednesday, January 14, 2015 @ 8:00 pm and will continue once a month at the Jewish Center


meets every Tuesday evening at 8:00 pm at the home of Paulette Lichtman @ 2625 East 65th Street.  Tel: 917.579.3171.
There will be NO meeting on Tuesday August 5th Tisha B'Av.


  • Every morning, 8am, after Shachrit - Halacha Yomit w/R. Perelson
  • Every evening 20 minutes prior to Mincha - Mishnayot w/R. Perelson
  • Monday & Wednesdays 7-7:45am - Talmud Class w/R. Perelson
  • Monday through Friday, 9-10am - Shiur w/R. Perelson, including full breakfast of bagels & lox, cereal, coffee..
  • Monday night 8-9:15pm - Partners in Torah for Men & Women
  • Tuesday 10-11:15am - Womens Shiur w/R. Judith Zwick
  • Wednesday nights 8:30-9:30pm - Talmud & Halacha Class w/R. Perelson at the Fuksbrumer Home @ 2224 E. 66th Street
  • Shabbos schedule includes "On The Parsha" from 8:15-8:45am, Main Drasha @ 10:45, Men & Women's Talmud study @ 3;45 and a D'var Torah at Seudah Shlishit

Bikur Cholim: Looking for volunteers to  visit people who are homebound, and drive those who would like to come to morning and evening Minyan.

Please contact Helen Birnbaum @ 718.253.2690.
Your Chesed will benefit you for eternity. 
If you know of anyone in need of Bikur Cholim help, please notify the FPJC office at 718-444-6868.

Anyone who would like to HOST a Torah event in memory of a Parent, please contact Rabbi Yisroel Perelson at 718.444.6868 or Email - RabbiYPerelson@optonline.net

 THE  LEVAYAH  PROGRAM, sponsored by the Orthodox Union (OU), is designed to be of major financial assistance to Jewish families in the event of family loss and the funeral arrangements with our local chapels. All individual family members of the OU are entitled to significant cost savings at those difficult times. You must, however, be an OU member, cost $54 per year. Now is the time to make that call, before the need, Rachmana Litzlan, arises. Call 212.563.4000. May all your calls be for Simchos.

Tue, November 21 2017 3 Kislev 5778