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Flatbush Park Jewish Center


Flatbush Park Jewish Center is a modern Orthodox synagogue in Mill Basin, Brooklyn, New York, founded in 1952.

We are a modern Orthodox congregation committed to Torah study and its observance; daily prayer, morning and evening; strong support for the State of Israel; charitable support of worthy institutions and individuals. Our membership is a mix of young and old; of American, European and Israeli birth, all sharing a deep commitment to Jewish life and community. We strive to build and maintain a vibrant, dynamic and cohesive Jewish community in Mill Basin, Brooklyn.

Our mission is to foster among our membership and the surrounding community an abiding commitment to halacha, kashrut and mitzvot, and bring them into a personal relationship with Hashem, which represents the essential foundation of any Orthodox institution.

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Message from the Rabbi


Dvar Torah

Realizing your true purpose in this world will eliminate violence.

"AND THEY TRAVELED FROM AILIM AND THEY ENCAMPED BY YAM SUF." (Bamidbar 33:10) Ailim hints to the word alimus which means violence. Yam Suf hints to the word sof, the end. They traveled from the trait of violence. How? By coming to the trait of looking at the end of a person. 
Violence includes both actions and words. There is the physical violence of hitting or pushing someone, and there is the verbal violence of shouting at someone or putting him down. Any form of violence not in self-defense is against the principles of Torah. 

What is the main cause of violence? Frustration and anger! When you become frustrated and angry, you are likely to lash out at someone. When you remember your true purpose in this world, most things that get other people angry will not affect you very strongly. Also, the more you appreciate life and the more joyous you feel the less angry you will become.     By remembering the end of each person you will gain a greater appreciation for life. You will value your time and utilize every opportunity for growth. This awareness will keep you far away from any form of violence.

King Shlomo said in Kohelet Tov Lelechet Lebet Avel it’s good to go to a house of mourning. When a person comes out of a house of mourning he realized that life is not for ever and he begins really living life. He begins to appreciate his spouse his children and his friends. Or he should begin appreciating his spouse children and friends. When a person appreciated those around him and is not always frustrated with them he will not be verbally abusive or god forbid violent. 

We continue to pray for peace in Eretz Yisroel we ask Hashem that the violence should stop. It's the land you Hashem gave us please put all your focus upon that land.

Shabbat Shalom!

Rabbi Yisroel Perelson

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Wed, 30 July 2014 3 Av 5774