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Daf LaKorei


Shabbos Eikev



August 20, 2022 - August 26, 2022

23 Av - 29 Av 5782






Keep asking yourself, “what good deeds can I do now?”


     The Chofetz Chayim taught that a person should view himself as someone employed by another person for a particular period of time. Upon completion of said task, he/she may approach the employer inquiring, "What should I do next?" It is this spiritual approach you should have with the Almighty Hashem. When you finish one mitzvah you should immediately look for opportunities to do another mitzvah.

     This attitude can be seen in this pasuk. "And now Yisroel," at every present moment, ask yourself the question, "What can I do now? What does the Almighty ask of me at the present time?"

     There is a great difference between enjoying what you do and failing to enjoy at what you do. When you are involved in some job or series of tasks that you are only doing because you are required but really dislike, as soon as you complete one task you are not very anxious to start something new. You will probably procrastinate. When, however, you are involved in work that you feel great pleasure in doing, you do not consider what you are doing as obligatory but as joyous gratification. You would prefer being active in those matters rather than resting or doing anything else. When a person develops a deep sense of joy for doing mitzvot, the individual feels great pleasure and satisfaction when engaged in a mitzvah. Therefore to develop the attitude expressed by the Chofetz Chayim we need to appreciate the great value and beauty in doing good deeds. Once you feel a love for mitzvot, you will eagerly ask, "What good deeds can I do now?"

    Wishing everyone a Shabbot Shalom Rabbi Yisroel Perelson and Family!                   


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Mazal Tov

Mazel Tov Rabbi and Rebbetzin Yisroel and Raizee Perelson on the upcoming marriage of their son Moishy to Adina Levitz! Mazel tov to the Fine and Perelson families and Grandmother Mrs. Judy Fine and siblings, Chaya, Brachy, Esty, Shloimy, Chani, and Batsheva! Mazal Tov to Rabbi and Rebbetzin Binyomon and Yehudis Levitz and siblings.



We are sad to announce the passing of our dear FPJC member and past President Chalres R. Harary A”H, father of Mark, Gayle and Paul Harary.  Shiva has been conluded.  Mark  is accepting calls at (917)3018301





Refuah Sheleima:


Shlomo Ben Naiomi, Leib ben Toiba, Magdolena Szigeti, Michael Weisblatt, Meir Kadosh, Zita Yakubovich, Samuel Richmond, Sharolta Gollender, Melissa Nosomowitz, Eugene Galpert, Judith Jackier, Lisa Weiselberg, Ann Bieber, Louis Gross, Lawrence & Carol Kaufman, Louis Kirsch, Florence Birnbaum, Binyamin Joyce, Marlene Nussbaum, Zelig & Miriam Kindler, Breindy Teitelbaum, Avraham Daniel ben Devorah Tova, PP Charles R. Harary, Rose Bronheim, Tzilia Adamsky, Alex ben Leah, Helene Galletta, Gitel bat Sarah, Esther bat Janja, Anne Chesler, Irina bat Bayla, Erica bat Tila Elka, Tzipora bat Rajzi, Malka Shoshana bat Batya Nechama, Rochale Batya bat Chana Masha, Ronie ben Tzipora, Rivfka Deborah bat Gitel, Adam Meister, Pesach ben Bayla, Sima Rochel bat Yehudit, Benjamina Bat Necha, Efrat bas Shoshana, Shmuel Meltser ben Raizel, Menachem Mendel ben Rivkawolf, Shaya Eisen, Rachel Dvorah bat Tova, Miryam bat Shoshana, Harvey Hecker, Shlomo ben Shifrah, Ruth bat Emili, Rivka Chasha bas Tzivia Leah, Golda bas Feiga, Fay Targownik, Chaim Rachmiel ben Yitzchok, Adam Epner, Zypora bat Malamed, Yaakov ben Chantza, David Schor, Tzipora bat Velved Adamsky, William Schwartz, Yechiel Yaakov ben Tzivia Leah, Margalit Sara Efrat bat Katoon, Sofya bat Mera, Izzy Sendzischew

Baruch Hashem, some of the above are nearing full recovery.

Our prayers are for all, with Hashem’s help, to have a Refuah Sheleima.






Kiddush Sponsor:

Rabbi and Rebbetzin Yisroel and Raizee Perelson in honor of the Aufruf of their son, Moishy Perelson and his upcoming marriage to Adina Levitz! 






      Nedivei Yom


           Reb. Sheila Halpern in memory of Sheila’s beloved father, Hyman Lifschitz A”H, Mrs. Geri Jacobs in memory of Geris’s beloved sister-in-law, Ida Elman A”H, Mr. Albert Kadosh in memory of Albert’s beloved mother, Hassiba bat Aharon Kadosh A”H, Ms. Susan Fingerhut in memory of Susan’s beloved father, Morton Fingerhut A”H, Mr. Barry Fingerhut in memory of Barry’s beloved father, Morton Fingerhut A”H, Mr. Adam Meister in memory of Adam’s beloved father, Yechiel Meister A”H, Mrs. Lillie Bensusan in memory of Lillie’s beloved grandfather, Hyman Stein  A”H, Mr. Hugo Gutman in memory of Hugo’s beloved father, Joseph Gutman A”H, Mrs. Valerie Galpert in memory of Valerie’s beloved father, Vilmos Blobstein A”H, Rabbi Yisroel Perelson in memory of Yisroels beloved mother, Malka Perelson A”H.


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Fri, August 19 2022 22 Av 5782